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Facilitation literally means making it easier. While facilitation is often associated with an individual in a specific role, anyone can—and everyone should—make facilitative contributions.

Whether you’re an experienced facilitator, someone whose role calls on you to facilitate periodically, or someone just wanting to be a better contributor to groups, the Facilitate Better content will help you do so.

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My goal is to help build your competence and confidence to facilitate better discussions, decisions, and results.

Each month I’ll share a variety of essays related to the design and facilitation of effective meetings, workshops, and other learning experiences.

Topics will include:

  • facilitation principles, practices, tools, and techniques

  • common facilitation scenarios and practical tips for how to handle them

  • models and frameworks for adult learning, group dynamics, and more

  • meeting and workshop design

  • reviews of resources that I find useful in my own work and some links I love

Essays are intended as an ongoing facilitation masterclass, and the facilitation activity kits will help you create more engaging and successful meetings, workshops, and other learning experiences.

The published content will not be sequential, so you can sample it as your interests and time allow.

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Finally, I invite you to share news about Facilitate Better with your colleagues and friends so that we can build a robust learning community.


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I hope you’ll join us! Be part of a community of people who share your interest in facilitation and how to produce better discussions, better decisions, and better results.

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