Let me suggest it is contained in the word itself: facile and actions ... actions that make it easier.  The essence of facilitation is making it easier.
One of the core principles of effective facilitation, leading with restraint helps achieve peer-peer accountability and commitment to shared agreements…
Let's make sure our facilitation helps individuals and organizations understand the difference between mission and vision and how to use them to drive…
Each of these resources saves me tons of time and helps enhance my meeting or workshop design and facilitation.
Use your session design and facilitation to help meeting and workshop participants try on new behaviors
One of the core principles for effective facilitation. Real-time calibration is the hallmark of a thoughtful facilitator, and it critical to develop…
Create your own icebreakers or priming activities in just two steps.
In our multi-tasking, information-overloaded world, helping make connections is a vital part of effective facilitation.
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