I'm curious to know your experiences with associations and those who "act" on these when presented with the opportunity. Years ago, when I fairly often attended the Intl. Assn. of Facilitators annual meeting, I loved that we had pre-reading that was recommended. Any opportunity to learn and prepare. And as a strong social networker online (since AOL chat rooms in the early '90s) I've found it so easy to connect with others - to learn from and about them. When I've tried some of these techniques even for smaller classes I'm teaching or at which I'm speaking - PCMA and the bookclub sessions Will Host and I conducted come to mind - I've found that too few people bother.

Now, with so much virtual activity, what is the reaction to requesting more?

I'm up for it! Oh and post-learning too - each class I've taught for a university meetings certificate program for the last 12 or more years, I've found few of the students will engage after. I'm an Introvert and, on StrengthsFinders, "Connectedness" is my number 1 strength. Hmmm...perhaps it's the silent networking that appeals most. And since "Learner" is in my top 5 Strengths, it's clear why I want more and more. Like what you write.

Thank you. Again.

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