Aug 10, 2021 • 6M

Resource Review: Gamestorming

An excellent resource containing 90+ co-creation tools for meeting and workshop facilitators

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Jeffrey Cufaude
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Gamestorming is one of my “go to” resources when I’m looking for an exercise, tool, or activity to help better engage participants in a meeting or a workshop.

Don’t let the word game give you pause. It just allows the authors to use gamestorming as a play on the word brainstorming.

In my 6-minute review, I highlight:

  • how the content is organized

  • what the tools in the book can help accomplish

  • four tools from the book

  • reasons why you should buy the book

The video format of this review contains slides illustrating these highlights. The four excerpted tools from the book will make more sense with the video’s visuals as opposed to just hearing them described in the audio review.

To further sample the content in the book visit its website where you will find dozens of the book’s tools. I find it easier to have the book on hand when I am designing a meeting or workshop, but you certainly could get by only using the website if finances are tight. The book retails online for $25.

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P.S. In the recorded review, I believe I erroneously suggest the book’s website is because the Twitter handle for the book is @gogamestorm. The website is actually just