Resource Review: Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making

My favorite resource on facilitating better discussions and decisions


Approximate reading time: two minutes.

The Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making is the single best resource I’ve found for providing core guidance and dozens of practical tools and techniques for facilitating better discussions and decisions. 

My five-minute audio review highlights why and explores some of the key content, including:

  • the four values of participatory groups

  • common facilitation challenges

  • facilitating sustainable agreements, and

  • what facilitators can contribute to groups.

Visual learners may appreciate the video format of the review that includes slides for each of the content areas mentioned.

Table of Contents

Part I: Grounding Principles

1         The Dynamics of Group Decision-Making

2         Participatory Values

3         Introduction to the Role of Facilitation

Part II: Facilitator Fundamentals

4         Facilitating Listening Skills

5         ChartWriting Technique

6         Brainstorming

7         Tools for Managing Long Lists

8         Facilitating Open Discussion

9         Alternates to Open Discussion

10        Effective Agendas: Design Principles

11        Effective Agendas: Desired Outcomes

12        Effective Agendas: Process Design

13        Dealing with Difficult Dynamics

14        Classic Facilitator Challenges

Part III: Sustainable Agreements

15        Principles for Building Sustainable Agreements

16        Inclusive Solutions in Real Life

17        Creative Reframing

Part IV: Facilitating Sustainable Agreements

18        Facilitating in the Divergent Zone

19        Facilitating in the Groan Zone

20        Facilitating in the Convergent Zone

21        Teaching a Group About Group Dynamics

Part V: Reaching Closure

22        The Significance of Clear Decision Rules

23        Striving for Unanimity

24        Reaching Closure Step By Step

25        Facilitating Sustainable Agreements

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