Mar 14, 2021 • 5M

Resource Review: Facilitation by Trevor Bentley

Readers fishbowl and bear witness to a wise facilitator demonstrating his craft and the complex nature of managing group dynamics ... and oneself.

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Jeffrey Cufaude
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Truly one of my favorite books of all time, I reread Facilitation by Trevor Bentley at least annually. The book’s unique format toggles between narrative from an actual facilitation training the author leads and his reflections on it.

My 5-minute review highlights a few key takeaways that resonate with me deeply, as well as why its unique structure is so provocative and powerful.

Watch the video to see the table of contents, a few quotes, and two key models from the book that I find particularly useful.

Used copies of the book can usually be found at Amazon, ebay, or other online sources. Amazon prices vary widely based on number of copies available, but the average price I’ve paid has been $15-$20 plus shipping. You’ll see the book with two different xovers, but the content is the same.

Some local and university libraries carry the book.

New copies can be purchased directly from the author and will be shipped from Australia. With the exchange rate a new copy typically costs around $32 plus shipping.