Mar 12, 2021 • 6M

Resource Review: The Workshop Survival Guide by Rob Fitzpatrick & Devin Hunt

An incredibly practical guide, particularly for less experienced workshop facilitators.

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Jeffrey Cufaude
Let me help you Facilitate Better. Each episode helps expand your competence and confidence to design and facilitate better meetings or workshops as we explore key facilitation principles, practices, tools, techniques, and resources.
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Looking for a book on the fundamentals of workshop design and facilitation? The Workshop Survival Guide may be the resource you seek.

In this first post of my Facilitate Better Resource Review series, I highlight why I recommend this book to new or intermediate workshop designers and facilitators, as well as why those with more experience should still read it.

A presentation video offering some slides to accompany the audio narrative included here can be found at my YouTube channel.

P.S. Apologies as the episode is six-minutes long, not five as I state in the recording.