Thank you.

This, like many posts and articles, provided an approximate reading time. It took me longer than the suggested 4 minutes because I was curious about the content of the previews as well as what you wrote as comments.

1. When did it begin - that written words came with an approximate reading time?

2. When considering the preview of coming attractions in written format (more thoughts on format next), have you/do you/do you recommend adding approximate reading time? (I’ll search - am curious to know on what the time is based - word count?)

3. With a focus for me always on inclusion, and because you mentioned considering other-than-written or really more than one format, in what ways can previews be made more inclusive because participants may include language differences? people who are blind or have low vision or like me read very differently on a screen v in print? If in video-like format, those who are deaf? (As I wrote that I thought what a cool opportunity to use an Interpreter in screen.) including descriptors of how the program itself would be inclusive?

Very glad you’re doing this themed month.

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