Facilitation Videos You Might Like

A handful of videos on facilitation principles and practices

I hope to resume publishing the planned January content at some point next week. Until then, here are links to a several 2020 videos sharing facilitation content.

Facilitation Skills Make Everyone Better

Kiki L’Italien interviewed me on this topic for the Association Chat podcast. Questions discussed during the hour-long session include:

  • When we talk about facilitation, what are we talking about?

  • What role does facilitation play when discussions are divisive?

  • Can anyone learn the skills of facilitation?

  • How does facilitation play into what is happening with DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)?

  • How hard is it as a facilitator to navigate through tough conversations over technology?

Time stamps are provided for each question so you can jump to whatever topics interest you most.

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Facilitation Essentials for Online Meeting Management

This 30-minute rapid-fire presentation was created last year for a client webinar and addressed the nine tips in the header image for this post.

International Facilitation Week

In October of 2020, I created a series of four-minute videos introducing some core principles of effective facilitation for International Facilitation Week. Think of them as “small plate” intros or field trips to topics I’ll address in greater detail in future posts here during 2021.

Making It Easier: The Essence of Facilitation

Creating a Climate Where Truths Are Spoken

Building Others’ Capacity and Confidence

Calibrating for the AND Instead of Choosing Either/Or

Helping Surface the Invisible or Unacknowledged

Inviting Connections and Helping Make Shared Meaning

Providing Leadership With Restraint