Yes, and: is there a type of meeting for which an agenda is not needed? No - I'll answer my own question maybe - was thinking when using Open Space design and still there is, by the very nature, an agenda or a format. Or is there? "Whenever it starts, it starts." I'm noodling this in my head; thinking about meetings - all virtual except one in the last 3 years - that have not provided enough to entice me, to your point, to attend. And of those I've attended, the inability to effectively facilitate the agenda's stated objectives got in the way.

I'll re-read this and figure out the parts I must've missed about flexibility of agendas and how to reach consensus to be flexible.

Perhaps it is the lack of education and/or experience on how to engage that also interferes with even a well-established agenda.

Perhaps I'm tired and need to revisit this on a different day!

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